We support a network of local practitioners across the West, fostering and disseminating innovations in land stewardship planning and implementation. We facilitate learning among these community-based practitioners to increase innovation and implementation of land stewardship projects.


Annual Meeting

Each year, we convene and connect practitioners from across the West, helping participants identify common challenges and opportunities. By bringing leaders together and asking critical questions, we can develop comprehensive solutions and be more effective as a whole. Learn more about our upcoming Annual Meeting.



We host peer exchanges that connect local leaders to essential resources while building a community of practice and peers. Regionally focused workshops connect innovative leaders across states.

We also support peer assists that provide targeted local technical assistance and training between two communities. Take a look at our most recent peer assist.


Tools & Products

We create resources that demystify and empower RVCC participants. Our products include guidebooks to existing programs and authorities, case studies highlighting how effective partnerships are built and and tools that provide the necessary information to explain how authorities are acquired and combined. View our library of tools and products.

Cover photo credit: Emily Jane Davis, EWP/OSU